Eyelid correction (blepharoplasty) is an eyelid surgery in which the upper or lower eyelids are adjusted for a more open and vibrant look and a more youthful appearance.

Correction of the lower eyelids is relevant when "bags", excess skin or deep wrinkles under the eyes are tired - they are often the result of aging processes, although they can also be formed for genetic reasons.

Correction of the upper eyelids can be done to remove the excess skin from the fallen eyelids, which forms a sad and tired look. In addition, fallen eyelids can cause physical discomfort by reducing eye area and impairing visual function. In this case, eyelid correction improves both aesthetic and health function.

Correction of both the upper and lower eyelids can be performed in one operation.

Before your surgery

Before the eyelid surgery is performed, the position of the eyebrows is assessed during the consultation. If they have fallen, eyebrow lifting is often performed along with correction of the upper eyelids.

You should tell your doctor before the operation if you have arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies, blood clotting disorders or other chronic diseases, you smoke, you are taking medicines or food supplements, slimming medicines.

We suggest you visit our preoperative memo page for more information.

The course of the operation

Correction of the upper eyelids is performed under local anesthesia, the duration of the operation is about 1 hour. Eyelid surgery is performed by making an incision in the fold of the eyelid (the deepest part of the upper eyelid), removing excess skin and oily bags.

Correction of the lower eyelids is performed under general anesthesia, the duration of the operation is about 1-1.5 hours. In case of excess skin, the incision is made under the lower lashes, so it is barely noticeable. If there is no excess skin, an incision is made on the inner surface of the eyelid to remove the greasy bags. Fat transplants into the cheeks can be performed in conjunction with this eyelid surgery.

Postoperative period

Usually, when eyelid correction is performed, the postoperative period is not complicated. It can be difficult to close your eyes completely in the first days after surgery. Patients are discharged home on the same day, it is recommended not to return to work for about 7-10 days.

2-3 weeks after the operation may be slight swelling of the eye area and bruising, irritable eye dryness, itching, tearing, sensitivity to bright light. Cooling compresses are recommended to alleviate these conditions.

Contact lenses are not recommended for the first few days, and it is recommended to wear sunglasses for about 1 to 2 weeks to protect the skin around the eyes from UV rays. At the same time, care should be taken not to touch the eye area to keep it clean and dry.

Exercise should be avoided for about a few weeks.

Operational risk

The operational risk associated with eyelid correction is not high, but adverse effects on anesthesia, eye irritation, wound infection, bleeding, scar enlargement, slight asymmetry may occur. Eyelid surgery and its reviews indicate that these risks occur very rarely and are usually avoided by following the surgeon's recommendations.

The risks associated with nasal plastic surgery are increased by smoking, obesity, chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocrine system diseases, and some other chronic diseases.


The first results are seen after about a week, after swelling and bruising. The final result is visible no earlier than after 2-3 months.


1000 - 2000 Eur

You will find out the exact cost of the operation during the consultation, when the surgeon will assess the complexity of the operation.

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