Body surgeries such as liposuction, abdominal plastic surgery and others can not only form a more beautiful body, but also solve physical ailments and psychological problems. These are highly professional surgeries that can only be performed properly by a surgeon with many years of successful experience.

Each person's body is an incredibly unique creation, but the discomfort felt can cause not only discomfort but also provoke other ailments. Often, plastic surgery becomes like a starting point, after which the person himself begins to work harder, to take care of his body, to nurture and love it. Today, it is safe to say that plastic surgery is not only a way to a beautiful body, but also a good psychological well-being.

Plastic surgeon Kęstutis Maslauskas has been successfully performing various body surgeries for many years, constantly improving his knowledge at international conferences and courses, and many patients in Lithuania and abroad are happy with the results of the doctor's work.

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