Beautiful and stiff breasts are a symbol of femininity, so it is natural that breast surgeries are one of the most popular in plastic surgery, and at the same time in the practice of plastic surgeon Kęstutis Maslauskas. When performing breast augmentation surgeries, the doctor uses only the highest quality, certified breast implants, so these surgeries are reliable and have minimal risk.

Women turn to a plastic surgeon for a variety of reasons: some, who have not been given embossed shapes from birth, want to enlarge their breasts and gain more self-confidence, while others want to reduce their breasts by oversizing, as this can not only reduce the size of the clothes they wear. but also to solve health problems such as back pain and so on. Women who have given birth, who, after a long breastfeeding, want to restore their pre-natal forms and regain a stiff breast, are also often approached.

Whatever the reasons or inconveniences caused by the breasts, plastic surgeon Kęstutis Maslauskas can help solve them in the most appropriate way. In one case, breast implants may be needed, in another case breast augmentation with fat, but only during the consultation, after assessing the current situation and the desired result, the most optimal and appropriate solution can be offered.

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