ABDOMINOPLASTY  (Tummy Tuck surgery)

Abdominoplasty (also known as Tummy Tuck surgery) is an operation that creates a smoother and firmer contour of the abdomen. During the operation, excess skin or adipose tissue in the abdominal area is removed, and weakened or detached rectus abdominal muscles are corrected. Abdominoplasty surgery can also get rid of stretch marks left after pregnancy in the lower abdomen below the navel. Abdominoplasty surgery is recommended for women who are no longer planning a pregnancy.

Full or partial abdominoplasty surgery is possible: full abdominoplasty surgery is performed when there is both excess skin and detached abdominal muscles, and partial ablation if there is only a small excess of skin in the lower abdomen. Tummy tuck is also often performed during abdominoplasty surgery.

It is important to know that abdominoplasty surgery is performed if the body mass index (BMI) does not exceed 27-28.

Abdominoplasty surgery may be relevant:

When you lose a lot of weight and have excess belly skin;

After stretching of the abdominal skin and muscles and / or splitting of the latter after pregnancy and childbirth;

When exercise and a healthy diet do not help get rid of a protruding abdomen;

When the skin of the abdomen loses its firmness due to aging processes.

Before your surgery

During the consultation, problem areas and the scope of the future operation are discussed.

You should tell your doctor before the operation if you have arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies, blood clotting disorders or other chronic diseases, you smoke, you are taking medicines or food supplements, slimming medicines.

We suggest you visit our preoperative memo page for more information.

The course of the operation

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 to 2.5 hours.

When plastic surgery of the abdominal wall is performed, an incision is made in the lower abdomen - from one hip bone to another. They can be designed to be invisible when wearing panties. Usually the size of the incision depends on the scope of the operation - the more skin and fat is removed, the larger it is. When performing full abdominoplasty surgery, an additional incision is made around the navel, as the navel is sutured in a new place in the skin, but its position does not change in relation to the body. The incision removes excess abdominal skin and strengthens weakened or parted abdominal muscles.

In the case where only partial abdominal wall plastic surgery is performed, the incision is made only in the lower abdomen and is shorter, then the excess skin is removed.

Postoperative period

After abdominoplasty surgery, the patient stays in the medical institution for 1-2 days. After partial abdominoplasty surgery, patients are released earlier and heal faster than after full abdominoplasty surgery. It is not recommended to return to work for one or two weeks.

For the first couple of weeks, the abdominal area may be swollen and bruised, and for a couple of weeks it may be difficult to stretch. After the operation, the body may accumulate fluids, which may lead to a slight increase in weight, but it will drop in the first few weeks. Wearing a special corset for 6-8 weeks after surgery.

After performing abdominoplasty surgery, it is very important to refrain from exercise - it should be avoided for about 3 months. It is recommended to protect the scar from the sun for a year.

Operational risk

Complications are extremely rare, but may include infections, hematoma (blood clots in or between tissues), seroma (subcutaneous tissue fluid), wound infection or thromboembolism of the leg veins (blockage of a blood vessel), death of some tissues (necrosis), scarring dilated scar. All of these complications are usually avoided by following the surgeon's recommendations after surgery.

The risks associated with nasal plastic surgery are increased by smoking, obesity, chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocrine system diseases, and some other chronic diseases.


The initial result is visible after a few weeks, and the final result is visible after 4 months. Abdominoplasty reviews are usually only the very best because the result gives you well-being and helps you regain confidence in your strength. It is important to know that maintaining long-term results helps maintain a stable weight, exercise and a healthy diet.


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