Breasts have always been considered one of the symbols of femininity, so it's no surprise that breast augmentation remains one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries in the world. Larger breasts can contribute to increased self-confidence and rid of complexes.

Breast augmentation with implants is appropriate when:

You want to enlarge your breasts;

Asymmetrical breasts (of different size or shape) should be smoothed;

It is desired to restore the former shape of the breasts after pregnancy or lactation, weight loss or aging processes;

It is desired to form a breast after mastectomy (partial, removal of one or both breasts).

True, sometimes breast implants alone can not give the desired result - this usually happens after pregnancy and childbirth, when not only breast size, but also shape and firmness change. In this case, not only breast implants are used, but also breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation with implants can be done in conjunction with a breast transplant.

What is worth knowing about breast surgery?

Before your surgery

When breast augmentation is performed with implants, the most important thing is to choose the right size and shape of the implant before the operation. The breast implants used for this operation meet the highest quality standards.

It is very important that the patient has realistic expectations, because breast augmentation is limited by the anatomy of the body, and breast implants are selected not only according to the patient's wishes, but also according to the shape and diameter of the chest, breast reduction.

Breast ultrasound is recommended before surgery.

You should tell your doctor before the operation if you have arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies, blood clotting disorders or other chronic diseases, you smoke, you are taking medicines or food supplements, slimming medicines.

We suggest you visit our preoperative memo page for more information.

The course of the operation

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia, the average duration of the operation is 1-1.5 hours.

When breast augmentation is performed with implants, the incision can be made optionally: through a halo (a darker area around the nipple), under the breast, or through the armpit. After the incision is made during surgery, a lodge is formed in the breast area into which the implant is inserted. Implants are usually placed partly under the muscle and partly under the gland (DUAL-thin method). After inserting the implant, the incision is sutured and bandaged. A scar forms at the incision site, but over time, it lightens and becomes less noticeable.

Postoperative period

Patients are discharged home the next day. It is recommended to rest for about a week after the operation. A few weeks after the operation, the breasts may be tender, swollen, and painful - a normal condition that goes away. It is possible to take a shower after 3 days, only after bathing it is important to change bandages. A special bra that supports the chest should be worn for 3 months after the operation. It is also recommended not to actively exercise, not to sleep on your stomach, not to raise your hands suddenly, not to move, pull or push heavy objects for 3 months.

After breast augmentation with implants, it is recommended to visit the plastic surgeon who performed the operation every year for an examination and breast ultrasound.

Operational risk

Breast augmentation surgery is not risky, its risk is low. However, as with any other interventional procedure, complications such as bleeding, infection, pain, fluid retention, hypersensitivity in the chest, allergic reactions to anesthesia, rupture or alteration of the implant, and scarring of the chest may occur. All of these complications are usually avoided by following the surgeon's recommendations after surgery.

The risks associated with nasal plastic surgery are increased by smoking, obesity, chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocrine system diseases, and some other chronic diseases.


The initial result is visible immediately after the operation, but the final result is evaluated not earlier than after 6-12 months.


Starts from 3700 EUR

You will find out the exact cost of the operation during the consultation, when the surgeon will assess the complexity of the operation.


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