Doctor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Doctor of Medical Sciences

1998 graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine in 2003. completed a residency in general surgery in 2005. completed a residency in plastic reconstructive surgery in 2005. awarded the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences

International experience:

2023m. "Motiva Evolution Masterclass in Advanced Breast Surgery Techniques (Cyprus)

2023m. ISAPS Olympiad Athens World Congress (Athens, Greece)

2023m. "Krūtų plastinė ir rekonstrukcinė chirugija, Lietuvos plastinės ir rekonstrukcinės chirurgijos draugija (Klaipėda, Lithuania)

2023m. "Polytech" Lipofilling in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery" (Netherlands)

2023m. "Polytech" Microthane & Microthane B-lite live surgery masterclass (Kaunas, Lithuania)

2023m. Rhinoplasty Full Circle Learning Experience (Istambul, Turkey)

2022 Rhinoplasty conference "Seventh Bergamo open rhinoplasty course", Bergamo (Italy) ;

2021 Practical training "Allergan Peri-orbital treatment from A-Z";

2021 Facial contouring courses with injections "Art and science in injectables for full-face. Deep dive in the anatomy ad safe injections" Fillmed, Lithuania ;

2020 Facial contouring courses with injections "MD Codes Immersion program Broadcast from London", Allergan, Lithuania;

2020 Body contouring courses "A day of science in fat grafting safety & body contouring"

2019 Courses "APTOS thread lifting methods", Lithuania;

2018 Training "MotivaHybrid Masterclass", Lithuania;

2018 Scientific practical conference "News of hand and hand surgery", Lithuania;

2018 International Scientific Practical Conference "Congress of the Lithuanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery", Lithuania;

2018 Member of the Lithuanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;

2017 Conference "Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery", Lithuania;

2017 Breast Enhancement Courses, Spain;

2017 Breast Aesthetics Masaterclass Scientific Conference, Sweden;

2017 Silhouette Soft hands-on training, Lithuania;

2017 Conference "Complications in Plastic Surgery", Lithuania;

2017 Continuing scientific-practical conference "Innovations in treatment and diagnostics in surgery", Lithuania;

2017 Conference "Modern Cosmetic Surgery: Breast Implants and Facial Injections", Lithuania;

2016 Training "Advanced Use of Microthane Breast Implants", Lithuania;

2016 XXIII ISAPS Congress, Japan;

2015 Surgical Mastery Mentoring Courses, The Netherlands;

2015 Annual ASAPS Conference, Australia;

2014 Courses "Periorbital Zone Treatment", Lithuania;

2013 3rd International ISAPS Practical Conference, Russia;

2013 Participant of the 17th IPRAS World Congress;

2012 2-day Allergan Masterclass course, Germany;

2012 3rd open Bergan rhinoplasty course from elementary to advanced user level, Italy;

2011 Participated in the training program "Facial Aesthetics News", Lithuania;

2011 Acquired membership IPRAS certificate;

2010 Training course "Laser Lipolysis and Laser Liposuction", Lithuania;

2010 Theoretical and practical training to work with GENETHIA products, Lithuania;

2008 Scientific Practical Conference "Reconstructive Chest and Torso Surgery", Lithuania;

2008 5th International Plastic Surgery Course "Face Rejuvenation and Body Contouring: Abdominoplasty, Breast Reduction, Body Lifting, Liposuction and Lipophilization", Russia;

2008 Qualification in Plastic Surgery, Sweden;

2005 Defended the work of the field of medicine in the field of biomedical sciences "Effectiveness of active surgical tactics in the treatment of deep burns of the hands and wrists of a part of the skin thickness" and obtained a doctoral degree, Kaunas University of Medicine;

2004 Ghent University Hospital, Belgium;

2003 Scientific practical conference "Breast cancer. Plastic Reconstruction Operations ", Lithuania;

2000 Oviedo University Hospital, Spain;

1998 Bursa University Hospital, Turkey.


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