Although skin aging is a natural process, it can be partially controlled by hyaluronic and botulinum injections. Non-surgical procedures such as botulinum and hyaluronic injections are becoming increasingly popular among women and men of all ages. Laughter, facial expressions are successfully corrected with these procedures, which last only 15 minutes-30 minutes, and the result is visible in a few days.

Wrinkle correction with botulinum and hyaluronic injections is a safe, effective and painless way to eliminate the main signs of aging in a very short time.

Botulinum injections usually correct wrinkles in the forehead, such as surprise, anger, and so on. Hyaluronic injections are most commonly used to correct wrinkles around the lips and nose.

After the Botulinum and Hyaluronic procedure, patients can quickly return to work and resume their normal activities.

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